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Puppet Shows
Since 1956!

Puppeteer For All Ages
Puppet Shows for Children’s Birthday Parties, Puppet Shows for Schools, Puppet Shows for Libraries, Puppet Shows for Camps & Puppet Shows for Organizations!

Now Booking Puppet Shows For Metropolitan New York and Puppet Shows for New Jersey!


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Puppet shows produced by a puppeteer who has entertained thousands of children and adults all over the United States.
Whether you are planning a puppet show for an intimate birthday party or a puppet show for a fundraiser for large audiences this puppet show will be the highlight of your event!

Need a last minute puppet show for your birthday party, a puppet show for your school, a puppet show for your library, a puppet show for your camp or a puppet show for your organization?

To schedule your puppet show and get a no obligation quote for your puppet show here are two ways to contact “Fantasy Puppet Theater” :

    1. Email:

    2. Call 201-621-1146 anytime

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Marshall D. Katzman
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Updated On February 12, 2023

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